Raneen Bukhari



Bukhari grew up in what she calls
“a business/art environment”

her mother is an artist and her father a businessman. In 1990, her parents opened Desert Designs, a space creating a fusion between culture and design. Upon graduation Bukhari has been running the art gallery in Desert Designs and also manages marketing and development there. Bukhari is the creator and curator of LOUD Art, a traveling platform for emerging experimental artists, organized annually since 2012. She is a co-organizer of Huna Art, a casual art talk that has been happening bimonthly since 2013 and is now expanding to go beyond the confines of the gallery walls and create pop up art shows in all kinds of locations. In 2017, she co-curated Live Demo, in February in Jeddah in collaboration with young upcoming artists. She went through a rigorous program with the British Council in 2016/2017 for a year and a half ending in a big art show at Athr Gallery, using the BC collection. After that her mindset really changed about how to go about working with and for artists and galleries.
In 2018 I began the year with three art shows in London, New York, and Paris. She assisted in curating a show for the General Cultural Authority "Wholistic - Saudi Cultural Days" that showcased Saudi art from its beginnings till today. She also spoke on and moderated multiple panels over the years. Finally, she ended the 2018 with two giant milestones. Her first time curating a retrospective and her addition to the 2018 BBC list of most influential women in the world. The retrospective was for Mohammed Al-Ghamdi, a wonderful artist in his 60s that has a very unique style. It encompassed his work from 1985 till today. It opened Nov 27 in Hafez Gallery. To download a copy of Raneen’s CV, kindly click here and to download her portfolio click here.


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